Personalised Items

Many of our products can be printed using your own photos and/or words. Although this shop is part of and run by Freshfields Animal Rescue this does not mean we only print animals! Indeed we will happily print photos of the kids, holiday landscapes, your own original artwork or indeed anything else you would like us to so long as it is clean and inoffensive, you hold the rights to reproduce the image and are able to supply it in a useable format.

In all cases the better quality the image supplied the better the reproduction we will be able to achieve. All photos should ideally be at least 2mb in size. Please supply images that are clear, in focus and have plenty of contrast, unfortunately whilst we may be able to reduce the size of large images we cannot increase the size of small ones without losing quality. How good your finished item looks will very much depend upon the quality of the image supplied.

Please also be aware that different products have different sized print areas therefore some cropping of your photo/image may be necessary to make it fit.

Once you have placed your order please email your photo, image, artwork in JPEG or PNG format along with any other relevant information to quoting your full name and order acknowledgement number. We will then happily do the rest.

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